Triadvocates Navigator Special Edition: May 9, 2020

May 09,2020 | TRIADVOCATES

May 9, 2020

Senate calls it quits...kind of

Yesterday, the Senate reconvened after standing in recess since March 23. Following nearly three hours of impassioned floor speeches, the chamber voted to notify the House that it had ended its work for the session. Senate President Karen Fann also laid out a proposed plan involving two special sessions—one in June to address the budget and another in October to address issues that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, turns out it truly does take two to tango—procedurally, the Senate needs the House to also move to sine die in order for session to officially end. That’s key here, because unlike its counterpart, the House did not reconvene yesterday. A flurry of “what-if” scenarios have been tossed around, but it’s all total speculation until the House reveals some sort of game plan. So, technically, the Senate currently stands at recess, meaning lawmakers will still have to come back again to officially adjourn.

The key takeaway from this update is this: yesterday's vote in the Senate does not end the legislative session, but does get us halfway there. More to come as the saga unfolds.


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