Triadvocates Navigator Special Edition: May 26, 2020

May 26,2020 | TRIADVOCATES

May 26, 2020

See you again, really, really soon

This afternoon, the Arizona Senate voted to adjourn sine die, officially ending the legislative session that began in January. Just minutes after gaveling back in, the chamber approved the motion by a 16-14 vote with three Republicans joining the 13 Democrats to shut things down.

While today’s action ends the current session, lawmakers are fully expecting to return to the Capitol this summer to address the state’s anticipated budget shortfall. Gov. Doug Ducey has not yet given any specifics on timing, however, it’s safe to assume he will call for a special session sometime before July 1, when the 2021 fiscal year begins. In addition to the budget, the Legislature will likely take on a range of other COVID-19-related issues, including some sort of liability shield for “mom-and-pop” businesses as well as funding for child care facilities.

Of the 1,607 bills introduced this year, 89 were passed by the Legislature—58 of which have already been signed into law. The remaining 31 have been transmitted to the governor, who now has 10 days to sign, veto or do nothing (in which case, they will become law without his signature). The following are on his desk for consideration:

SB 1012          executive session; school safety plans

SB 1021          department of revenue; electronic signatures

SB 1040          insurers; notices; methods of delivery           

SB 1041          travel insurance

SB 1042          executive sessions; security plans

SB 1061          schools; parental rights; posting

SB 1062          insurance transactions; discrimination; exceptions

SB 1083          agriculture department; livestock loss board

SB 1090          insurance adjusters; claims certificate

SB 1091          insurance producer licensing; surrender; application     

SB 1096          property management records; residential records

SB 1099          tax deed land sales; proceed

SB 1121          model city tax code; procedures

SB 1131          certified public accountants

SB 1210          assisted living; caregivers; training

SB 1236          adult adoption; stepchildren

SB 1292          financial literacy; state treasurer; fund

SB 1303          annexation of territory; requirements

SB 1305          personal delivery devices

SB 1354          public retirement systems; prefunding plan

SB 1397          insurance; preexisting condition exclusions; prohibition

SB 1441          protection orders; modification; residence possession

SB 1445          suicide prevention training; school employees

SB 1446          student identification cards; suicide prevention

SB 1460          electric cooperatives; broadband service

SB 1492          Arizona teachers academy; program pathways

SB 1504          fingerprinting; vital records; child care

SB 1510          public contracts; payment methods

SB 1528          family college savings program; treasurer

SB 1555          support order; dishonored payment; lien

SB 1557          annuity transactions; requirements

Keep an eye out for upcoming editions of The Navigator as we learn more about plans for a special session.


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