Triadvocates Navigator: March 2, 2023

March 02,2023 | TRIADVOCATES

March 2, 2023


This morning, Senate Democrats elected new leadership to lead their caucus for the remainder of the session. Senator Mitzie Epstein will serve as Minority Leader, Senator Juan Mendez will serve as Assistant Minority Leader, and Senator Eva Burch will serve as Minority Whip. This comes just days after Senate Minority Leader Raquel Terán stepped down following an announcement that she will run for the open seat in Congressional District 3 when Congressman Ruben Gallego runs for U.S. Senate next year. Senator Rosanna Gabaldón, the former Minority Whip, stepped down to focus on issues directly impacting her district.


Below are the current leadership teams in both chambers.




Republican Leadership

Ben Toma – Speaker 

Travis Grantham – Speaker Pro Tempore

Leo Biasiucci – Majority Leader

Teresa Martinez – Majority Whip


Democratic Leadership

Andrés Cano – Minority Leader

Lupe Contreras – Assistant Minority Leader

Melody Hernandez – Minority Whip

Marcelino Quiñonez – Minority Whip





Republican Leadership

Warren Petersen – President

T.J. Shope – President Pro Tempore

Sonny Borrelli – Majority Leader

Sine Kerr – Majority Whip


Democratic Leadership

Mitzi Epstein – Minority Leader 

Juan Mendez – Assistant Minority Leader

Lela Alston – Minority Caucus Chair

Eva Burch – Minority Whip

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