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July 31,2023 | TRIADVOCATES

July 31, 2023


Minutes ago, the 56th Legislature, First Regular Session adjourned sine die, putting an official end to the longest legislative session in Arizona history. Adjournment comes after a lengthy day of debate over one final issue surrounding the Prop 400 proposal—a ballot referral that will ask voters to extend a Maricopa County transportation half-cent sales tax. Voters first approved Prop 400 in 1984, again in 2004 and, because the measure is set to expire in 2025, requires voter approval in the 2024 election. While voters will ultimately decide the fate of Prop 400, the Legislature has authority to determine how the money is spent. Sticking points included how much revenue should go toward public transportation and whether the plan should allow money to be spent to expand light rail. The final agreement, as passed by both chambers, allocates 63% of tax revenues to freeways and roads and 37% to transit. The deal prohibits any sales tax money from funding extensions to the region’s light rail system (money can only be used for major maintenance to existing rail) and scraps an approved route for a 1.4 mile-extension from downtown to the Capitol—both were concessions necessary to lock down GOP votes. The proposal will head to the Governor’s desk; she is expected to sign it. (And, yes, you read that correctly. This hotly contested measure doesn’t actually extend Prop 400. It simply allows for the proposal to be placed on the ballot next year for voters to decide.)

Now that the Legislature has officially adjourned, we finally have a general effective date. Unless otherwise noted, any legislation passed this session will take effect on October 30, 2023.

That’s all, folks…for now.

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